Vice Chartered Task Force

In the U.S. Coast Guard a task force represents a temporary unit stood up to address a specific problem The Data Readiness Task Force (DRTF) was assigned the specific purpose of establishing policy for the Coast Guard’s data management and enabling the service to leverage the full potential of data as a strategic resource. WithContinue reading “Vice Chartered Task Force”

Who am I?

Unfortunately, I tend to suffer from two somewhat contradictory writing problems.  Sometimes it is difficult for me to start writing.  Then, I also tend to be quite lengthy in my delivery when I am writing.  The reason I even bring this up is because I had an extremely easy segue from the end of myContinue reading “Who am I?”

Why Am I Blogging?

Hello world!  And wow, a first post.  Starting a blog is something I have thought about for, what is now, a couple of years.  Which leads me to a decent place to begin. In early 2016, I deactivated my Facebook account and largely stopped using Twitter.  Instagram kind of got a free pass because itContinue reading “Why Am I Blogging?”

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