Initial Analyst Hopes for a Coast Guard Integrated Data Environment

Upon reporting to the Data Readiness Task Force (DRTF) and upon hearing discussions for procuring a Big Data Platform (BDP) for the Coast Guard, it was understandably not apparent a BDP was a specific data analytics solution the Coast Guard had already selected.  In fact, I thought BDP and Integrated Data Environment (IDE) were beingContinue reading “Initial Analyst Hopes for a Coast Guard Integrated Data Environment”

What is a Big Data Platform?

What do you think when you hear Big Data Platform (BDP)?  When I first reported to the Data Readiness Task Force (DRTF), I assumed that BDP was interchangeable with Integrated Data Environment (IDE).  “Big Data” and “Platform”.  It obviously must be some type of cloud based data analytics system.  Cloud based because otherwise average (andContinue reading “What is a Big Data Platform?”

A Coast Guard Data Lake

Thus far we established the Coast Guard is seeking a data lake.  We also established the Coast Guard’s persistent use of legacy software systems results in disparate, semi-structured data silos.  And the issue of these data silos is compounded by the data silos being legacy software systems.  Because as modern technology solutions are sought toContinue reading “A Coast Guard Data Lake”

Vice Chartered Task Force

In the U.S. Coast Guard a task force represents a temporary unit stood up to address a specific problem The Data Readiness Task Force (DRTF) was assigned the specific purpose of establishing policy for the Coast Guard’s data management and enabling the service to leverage the full potential of data as a strategic resource. WithContinue reading “Vice Chartered Task Force”


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