Becoming an Analyst in the Coast Guard

When you graduate from the United States Coast Guard Academy, you receive a commission as an active duty officer in the U.S. Coast Guard.  As a newly commissioned officer, the Coast Guard’s number one priority is building your experience.  And thus, you typically go to different operational units.  Any assignments as a newly commissioned officerContinue reading “Becoming an Analyst in the Coast Guard”

What Will I Be Blogging About?

Though it was not planned, the conclusion of my first post about why I am blogging serves as a strong segue into this post on what I plan to blog about.  In summary, my first post ended with my voicing a deep concern with the business model of social media companies and how users’ ownContinue reading “What Will I Be Blogging About?”

Why Am I Blogging?

Hello world!  And wow, a first post.  Starting a blog is something I have thought about for a couple of years.  Which leads me to a decent place to begin. In early 2016, I deactivated my Facebook account and largely stopped using Twitter.  Instagram kind of got a free pass because it is a photo-centricContinue reading “Why Am I Blogging?”