Desires of a Coast Guard Analyst

In a previous post I highlighted that as an analyst in the Coast Guard each analysis was beginning the same way: which is to say, there is never an assumption the Coast Guard has data ready to go.  Common preliminary questioning often include: “Where is the data?” “You don’t have data.  Where can we getContinue reading “Desires of a Coast Guard Analyst”

A Coast Guard Data Lake

Thus far we established the Coast Guard is seeking a data lake.  We also established the Coast Guard’s persistent use of legacy software systems results in disparate, semi-structured data silos.  And the issue of these data silos is compounded by the data silos being legacy software systems.  Because as modern technology solutions are sought toContinue reading “A Coast Guard Data Lake”

Disparate, Semi-structured, Data Silos

Describing the Coast Guard’s current data stance without bias is a difficult thing to do.  Anyone who is an everyday user of the Coast Guard’s NIPRnet (CGONE), will have countless stories of Information Technology (IT) related issues to share.  And the Coast Guard’s data stance is deeply intertwined with legacy software systems that are eitherContinue reading “Disparate, Semi-structured, Data Silos”

Integrated Data Environments – An Introduction

Admittedly, the Department of Defense (DoD) (both Government and military organizations alike) uses a lot of acronyms.  Nonetheless, acronyms are not uncommon.  To an extent, I think the volume of acronyms used in DoD and the Coast Guard is hilarious.  This is why every time I perform an analysis, I force the title of theContinue reading “Integrated Data Environments – An Introduction”

Vice Chartered Task Force

In the U.S. Coast Guard a task force represents a temporary unit stood up to address a specific problem The Data Readiness Task Force (DRTF) was assigned the specific purpose of establishing policy for the Coast Guard’s data management and enabling the service to leverage the full potential of data as a strategic resource. WithContinue reading “Vice Chartered Task Force”

U.S. Coast Guard Data Readiness Task Force

On August 20th, 2020, an off-season solicitation hit the Coast Guard’s message board requesting officers to fill out a Data Readiness Task Force (DRTF).  This inception of the DRTF was aggressive.  The message was posted on August 20th with a response deadline of August 28th.  Which meant to answer the solicitation, the issue would haveContinue reading “U.S. Coast Guard Data Readiness Task Force”

Becoming an Analyst in the Coast Guard

When you graduate from the United States Coast Guard Academy, you receive a commission as an active duty officer in the U.S. Coast Guard.  As a newly commissioned officer, the Coast Guard’s number one priority is building your experience.  And thus, you typically go to different operational units.  Any assignments as a newly commissioned officerContinue reading “Becoming an Analyst in the Coast Guard”

What Will I Be Blogging About?

Though it was not planned, the conclusion of my first post about why I am blogging serves as a strong segue into this post on what I plan to blog about.  In summary, my first post ended with my voicing a deep concern with the business model of social media companies and how users’ ownContinue reading “What Will I Be Blogging About?”

Why Am I Blogging?

Hello world!  And wow, a first post.  Starting a blog is something I have thought about for a couple of years.  Which leads me to a decent place to begin. In early 2016, I deactivated my Facebook account and largely stopped using Twitter.  Instagram kind of got a free pass because it is a photo-centricContinue reading “Why Am I Blogging?”