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Boat Optimal Availability Time Simulation

For logistical simplicity, the Coast Guard leverages a shared small boat across multiple different asset types.  To streamline planned maintenance on these shared small boat assets, the Coast Guard developed a centralized pool to send the assets to where highly specialized mechanics can perform the maintenance.  And Coast Guard units can receive fully operational small boat assets from the pool, alleviating unit technicians from performing specialized depot-level maintenance and increasing the unit’s operational availability.  The Boat Optimal Availability Time Simulation (BOATS) will provide recommendations for the rotatable boat pool with regards to pool size and sustainability of Coast Guard missions and operations.

About Me

After a MS in Data Analytics & MS in Operations Research, I reported to the Office of Requirements and Analysis (CG-771) for my first work as an analyst.  I later responded to the solicitation for the Data Readiness Task Force (DRTF), where I worked as an analyst on the team standing up the enterprise’s first Office of Data & Analytics.  At the conclusion of my time on the DRTF, I reported to the Sea Duty Readiness Council as the Afloat Data Manager.

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